Distribution products.

Our vision is to offer quality products to the market sectors we operate in across New Zealand, as well as maintain a strong focus on meeting the demands of our customers’ specific requirements. We find global product solutions to local problems.

Just as our name suggests, we work with our supply chain partners to tailor our solutions based on the specific needs of our clients.

Distribution services


Armacell is a world leader in flexible insulation foams for the equipment insulation market, and they are also a leading provider of engineered foams.

Beyond providing thermal insulation solutions, Armacell product range is expansive and invariably they have a solution or application to suit most modern day requirements from acoustic insulation, inground insulation applications, marine environment to the innovative ArmaGel HT blankets for high temperature applications, ArmaGel has upto five times better thermal performance than competing insulation materials.

Nimbl Distribution proudly distributes Armacell products within New Zealand, having seen a gap in the market for a premium insulation product that we could trust and confidently stand behind. They have some of the best insulation products worldwide, which have passed extensive testing with impressive results.

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BRITEX is one of the world’s most innovative fabricators of premium quality stainless steel products. The BRITEX name is internationally recognised and synonymous with specialised stainless solutions. The breadth of their range and the expertise of their staff makes BRITEX the ideal choice.

Nimbl Distribution is pleased to be the appointed distribution channel for BRITEX stainless steel product in New Zealand, and we fully endorse their quality and wide suitability.

By drawing from the combined strengths of both BRITEX and Nimbl, we are confident of maintaining a competitive, comprehensive offer in the New Zealand market, whilst promoting innovation through our utilization of new products we support.

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Galvin specialises in Healthcare, Mental Health, Aged Care Facilities, and Custodial markets with their cleverly designed tapware solutions.

Galvin is committed to designing innovative products that provide optimal environments for patients. The ethos of working closely with architects, engineers, and contractors also ensures a world class facility is delivered to the owner.

Nimbl Distribution is proud to partner with Galvin Engineering, who has chosen us as their distribution partner for New Zealand. Galvin offers tremendous strength through product innovation and development, and they are always looking at opportunities that put both businesses ahead of the competition.

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Wallgate also specialise in anti-ligature and vandal-resistant design, with their washrooms and bathrooms being used for education, correctional, mental health, and healthcare sectors, as well as for disabled use fitouts. Their solid surface range is engineered from a high-grade polyester, resin-based material, making the product extremely tough, chemical-resistant, exceptionally hardwearing, and very reliable. Nimbl Distribution have secured this product solution through our agreement with Galvin.
Wallgate is a market leader and specialist in the design and manufacture of secure environments, robust, innovative, and efficient washrooms and sanitary ware solutions.

With over 40 years experience, their bespoke manufacturing capabilities and effective water management systems ensure you get highly effective washrooms and bathrooms.

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Valsir is a global manufacturer of quality plumbing systems, based in Vestone, Italy. During their 30 year history, Valsir have brought their leading product range into 90 countries throughout the world.

Valsir has invested heavily in modern technology to deliver world class ACOUSTIC waste water pipe systems, such as Tri-plus, which ensures the end user receives a cost-effective solution that features the very best in product quality, development, research, and quality assurance.

Along with Triplus Acoustic Waste Water system, Valsir also manufacture high quality HDPE pipe systems, Silerie Acoustic pipe systems, HRV systems, Under-Floor Heating systems...to name a few!

Pexal – The multilayer pipe system of excellence.  Pexal is composed of multilayer pipes and different types of fittings that are chosen according to the installation technique adopted.  There are various applications from the distribution of hot and cold drinking water to centralised water supply systems, from radiator and fax heating systems to radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems, from compressed air systems to industrial plants.

It's the ideal choice for residential, commercial and industrial water supply pipework systems.

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