Valsir's "Rainplus" Siphonic Rainwater System Installed in Auckland Heliport


Valsir’s Rainplus siphonic rainwater solution has been installed in the new extension to the Auckland Heliport. The siphonic system was designed in conjunction with the Valsir Italy engineers.

The Rainplus siphonic solution uses HDPE pipe and fittings with specially designed rainwater roof outlets that are capable of clearing an impressive 66 Litres per second of rainwater.

The original Heliport building had the Valsir Rainplus siphonic system installed in it when it was built in 2010 and the new design for the extension was able to easily connect to the existing pipework.

Situated at Pikes Point in Onehunga, the Auckland Heliport houses a helicopter charter and management company together with the Police “Eagle” Helicopters.

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